• Megan’s Book review – Derek Roger’s “Managing Stress”

    As I was reading Derek Roger’s book, Managing Stress the other day I had one of those great Aha moments.  Derek describes an interesting concept called “waking sleep”. Read More
  • Influence and Your Life’s Purpose

    It is not often that you read just a couple of sentences that make you sit up and reflect on your whole career but that is what happened to me over the week as I came the conclusion of Daniel Pink’s  book “To Sell Is Human” . Read More
  • Get Amongst It!

    “An organisation’s results are determined through webs of human commitments, born in webs of human conversations”.  Fernando Flores former Chilean Minster of Finance Read More
  • Shifting mindsets .... retaining knowledge .... the health and safety revolution

    With the introduction of the Health and Safety At Work Bill and the establishment of Worksafe NZ, safety is now top of the agenda for many NZ Chief Executives and their teams. Read More
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